About Geoff Hogg


Key Activities

Trained as a painter, Geoff Hogg was an early contributor to the revival of contemporary Public Art. He began his work with a strong interest in public forms including street installation, projection, integrated architecture and craft along with banner making, processional objects and in particular, large scale wall painting and drawing. This work grew from a concern to re-connect with under-valued sources and traditions in contemporary cultural life.


Professor Bernard Smith writes “In 1975 Geoff Hogg pioneered a new kind of mural that did not seek to reinforce ruling conventions but was addressed to the expression of local, regional, community, public and working people’s values”.

In the years that followed he emphasizes cross disciplinary practice, exploring collaboration and new contexts for Public Art interventions. He has led over 80 large scale Public Art projects in Australia and overseas, bringing together diverse groups of artists, historians, craftspeople, community members, journalists, architects and related professionals.

“Geoff Hogg is one of the key Australian artists who has sought to change the way art and culture are received and understood through both his own art making and in an advisory capacity to Federal, State and local Governments,” Katrina Fraser.

Pursuing his interest in cross cultural practice, he developed what are said to be the first joint Public Art projects between Chinese and overseas artists in China. In recent years he has worked extensively in Turkey, Italy and Mexico, creating projects that draw on grassroots support at a local level in Australia to create links and develop imaginative connections for cultural dialogue and exchange. These works have taken the form of landscapes, wall paintings, exhibitions and installations. His current work is entitled “Intercambio – a conversation between two trains”, linking creative practitioners in Cuba and Australia.

Geoff Hogg is currently an Adjunct Professor in the School of Art at RMIT. He is the former Director of CAST (Centre for Art, Society and Transformation) in the School of Art and former Program Director – Master of Arts, Art in Public Space. Internationally renowned writer and art theorist, Lucy Lippard writes about this program: “Their practice as much as their projects provide a model for those all over the world who know that art really does build bridges and bears witness to its times”.

For more information on Geoff Hogg, please download his CV here: GeoffHoggCV


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